After testing all the popular competition, we chose Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating to offer to our quests. The coating is produced in Germany and formulated specifically based the qualities of the base coat. The combination of extra hardness and super long durability makes Glanz the best solution for protecting your prized vehicle’s paint, wrap or paint protection film.


Due to the semi-permanent nature of true nanoceramic coatings, once a coating is applied all paint defects that existed prior to the install are locked in. That's why at McKenna Kosmetics, we carry out an exhaustive paint decontamination and correction process before applying the Glanz product. We invest on average 12-18 hours into our professional application process.


  • Full detail wash using professional soaps and reverse osmosis water
  • Iron remover application
  • Professional clay bar treatment
  • Isopropyl alcohol application
  • All work is done in our climate controlled Kosmetics studio under our custom-ordered, ultra-bright 5K LED lighting to show all possible defects in the paint
  • Measure all painted surfaces using a paint depth gauge to learn how much clear coat we have to work with
  • Professional compounding using high speed Rupes Bigfoot Random orbital polishers and different combinations of pads and products depending on the paint
  • Professional polishing to bring the surface to an ultra high “glossy” look
  • Wipe off all remaining compound and polish residue using no lint microfiber towels
  • Blow out all cracks and crevasses using compressed air
  • Wipe down of all painted surfaces with isopropyl alcohol to remove all residual product
  • Apply base coat in small 2 foot by 2 foot sections
  • Within 15 minutes buff off with lint free microfiber towels
  • Work way around entire car in this way
  • Bake base coating with professional infrared lights for 30 minutes at a time
  • Then go back and repeat the entire process with the ultra hydrophobic top coat
  • Quality control all work under the custom lighting and outside in sunlight


When it comes to durability and protection, Glanz Ceramic Coating is second to none. The patented formula is designed to bind to the substrate it's applied to at a molecular level. The coating does not sit on top like waxes and paint sealants; It forms a permanent bond with the surface. This makes it so that all micro-pores in the surface are completely sealed off from the elements. This bonding process creates a flexible solid coat that effectively levels the surface at a microscopic level.

The coat of Glanz is a lot harder than the paint or vinyl it protects. Any contaminants that lay on the surface can easily be cleaned off. Just as importantly, the tough protective barrier formed by Glanz will not allow chemical reactions with your vehicle's paint from outside contaminants.

Glanz Premium Ceramic Coating is perfect for use on paint, wrap vinyl or paint protection film (PPF). The coating has a much higher hardness rating than paint. Vinyl is inherently soft and porous. For this reason, the benefits of Glanz Ceramic Coating are very obvious when used over car wraps.

Using Glanz over PPF will make it stay cleaner and will not negatively affect the self-healing characteristics of the film. In fact, it can even enhance it. Most of the cars we work on get coated with Glanz Ceramic Coating.

Glanz Ceramic Coating is fully engineered to work and last longer than any other coating on the market. The base coat first formula is designed so that the main coat that bonds to the surface, which is the part that actually protects, is more durable than anything else. The base coat is not as slick and wax-like as other ceramic coatings feel, but it's the part that matters as it's the part that protects.



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While true ceramic coatings such as Glanz are the best products currently on the market to keep your car looking amazing we never over sell our work. Cars will still get dirty and outside influence will still effect your vehicle. The added benefit of a ceramic coating is that most outside influence now only affects the coating and not your vehicles precious paint work. This means that the ceramic coating can be professionally removed and take the contamination with it all while leaving behind the original paint work. Further all owners are advised that due to the extreme hydrophobic nature of the coatings and the water beading they provide the surface is actually susceptible to water spotting. Beaded contaminants should be removed from the surface prior to fully drying and leaving behind mineral deposits.