Nothing is more important to us than the safety and health of our team members, our customers, and the people in our community. That's why we are taking extra precautions at our dealership to combat COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. Below is a list of what we are currently doing to help keep everyone healthy and happy.


  1. Disinfecting the Dealership - In addition to our normal nightly cleaning routine, we will be disinfecting the following areas in the dealerships multiple times per day with CDC-approved disinfecting solutions: all door handles (including the door handles on vehicles), bathroom stalls/bathroom counter-tops, and the chairs/tables in the customer waiting areas and sales offices. We will also be placing hand sanitizer stations throughout the dealership for both our customers and team members to use freely.
  2. Educating Team Members - We are educating all our team members on how to minimize the spread of germs in the dealership by sharing CDC guidelines and recommendations as they are released to the public. This includes a strict No Touch Policy for all employees.
  3. Sick Leave - All team members will be required to take sick leave if they are not feeling well, and we will be providing additional sick leave for team members that may need it.
  4. Updating Snack/Drink Stations - We will be updating our snack and drink stations to only include individually wrapped snacks and drink station packets.
  5. Expanding Pickup/Drop-Off Services - We will be expanding our pickup/drop-off services for both sales and service. If you would rather not visit the dealership for whatever reason, please call either our sales or service department, and we will do our best to arrange a pickup/drop-off for you. We will be scheduling on a first-come, first-served basis, so please bear with us if we are unable to accommodate your request for a specific day or time.


Our Management Team is keeping a close eye on how things develop in our community, and we will be updating our efforts as necessary. For more information on COVID-19, we encourage you to visit the CDC website here.