Our 911T was originally found locally on craigslist, just a couple of miles from McKenna Porsche by our Service Manager at the time Mel Mayuga.
The car, red at the time, was the quintessential #barnfind. It was found in a messy backyard, overlooked for a restoration project started decades earlier but never completed. The
actual car was located on one side of the property and the engine and transmission were boxed in the garage. The body of the car was suffering from a series of rust issues and multiple subpar paint jobs.
Suffering a family loss, Mel decided restoring the car would keep his mind and time busy. Many said the car was too far gone and couldn’t be brought back to life. It has since been his personal passion project to compete in the 2022 Porsche Restoration Challenge and see this car through a grand transformation, and a win!
During the Mayuga’s time of loss, they found solace with an amazing organization called @chocchildrens whose Mission is To Nurture, Advance, and Protect the Health and Well-Being of
children. Please feel free to check out more about ways to support @chocchildrens on their Instagram. We are proud to be part of this story and are even more excited to see this car back on the road! This week saw incredible progress. Our 911T has a fresh paint job, returning it to its original factory color of Signal Orange. Bryce and Tom are completing each phase of this exciting restoration right here at McKenna Porsche.

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